“I can do my best, I can give my all, but if she isn’t happy then my job is not complete!”

Elegance makeoversLucky has nurtured her passion for make up from the tender age of sixteen. She began exploring bases, lip colors and techniques whilst at college and has powerfully perfected and developed her own professional make up style over many years since.

Lucky has a true understanding and shares the visions and dreams of all modern brides for their special day. The way she looks, how she feels as well as understanding the pressures of high expectations from family, friends and of course the bride and groom themselves.

Ultimately, the duties of any leading make up artist stretch much farther than simple make up application. The precision in which the techniques are applied as well as the true bond with the bride, sharing the visions that she has fostered are all of overwhelmingly importance.

Taking on this key role in a wedding is something that even the most experienced artist may find daunting. However sharing the vision and delivering the highest quality end results is a gift given to only a few.

On your wedding day, all eyes and cameras will be focused on you, the bride with the “perfect look”.

Why not let Lucky, Airbrush makeup specialist, give you the “perfect look?”

By applying makeup that enhances your best features, making you look naturally radiant and beautiful on your “big day”.

Lucky specializes in the state of the art “AIR BRUSH” makeup technique, the latest make up enhancement technology that has just recently become available within the mainstream market.

Air Brushing is not widely available and is unknown to many beauticians within the UK. This exclusive technique has taken both Hollywood and Bollywood stars by storm!

The technique provides your complexion with a beautiful warm glow, subtly covering all of your skins imperfections leaving you looking flawless on your special day.

Your own personal makeup artist will work closely with you to help make your visions become reality. In the comfort of your home you can sit back, relax and let a highly trained professional artist give you a “perfect look” for the most important day of your life.

Each bridal makeup is individually tailored to suit your needs; complementing your complexion tone, eye colour, the shades of your hair and of course your bridal outfit. Lucky never compromises on quality and professionally applies only the highest quality Makeup from “MAC” on all of her clients.

Up do’s, Half up do’s, French Twist, Chignon’s, Beehive and Bouffant are just a few of the exquisite hair designs and styles also offered to clients by Elegance Makeovers. Lucky spends time to discuss the look that is desired by brides and also elaborates upon them by offering her own professional opinion to achieve the absolute perfect style for each individual client.

Cutting-Edge Airbrush Makeup Specialist

 Are you looking for an Airbrush makeup specialist near you? You deserve to have the ‘perfect look’ on your special day. By applying makeup that enhances your best features and gives a natural radiance to your face, you’re guaranteed to look extra beautiful on your big day.

Lucky specialises in state-of-the-art Airbrush techniques which have taken Hollywood and Bollywood by storm but remain unchartered territory for most beauticians. Give your complexion a lovely warm glow and subtly cover your skin’s imperfections, leaving you with a flawless appearance. It’s your special day, so why settle for average when you can have the best?

Our Approach To Getting You Ready

 Your big day will come to life exactly how you pictured it. Think about the way you imagined you’d look, the breath-taking appearance you hoped to adorn for your big day – having your own personal makeup artist can turn that into reality. You simply have to sit back, relax and let a renowned, world class professional do what they do best.

 No wedding is the same, no bride is the same and no makeup experience is the same. We tailor our bridal makeup to suit your needs: complementing your complexion, eye colour, hair and of course, your outfit. Lucky never compromises on quality and only works with the best range of products from MAC.

 Lucky knows all about the hair do’s and don’ts for a wedding. Whether it’s an Up do, Half up do, French Twist, Chignon’s, Beehive or Bouffant – have your hair designed and styled exquisitely by Elegance Makeovers. It all begins with a chat where Lucky will understand your desired look and then offer her own expert opinion so that the perfect style can be achieved for you.